Secretary of the Municipal Office

Scope of Work: The Town Clerk is an employee of the Town. He is appointed and removed by the Mayor with the prior approval of the County Manager. He/she is superior to all employees assigned to the municipal office and performs the function of the statutory body of the employer according to special legal regulations.

The secretary of the municipal authority may not hold positions in political parties and political movements.

According to the law further:

  • It performs tasks assigned to it by the city council, the city council or the mayor.
  • It performs tasks within the delegated competence of the city resulting from special laws.
  • Determine, according to special regulations, the salaries of the city employees assigned to the city office.
  • It issues internal directives and other standards as management tools for the municipal authority.
  • It coordinates and controls the activities of the employees of the municipal office, monitors the professional level of subordinate employees and discusses with them the method of improving their qualifications.
  • It is accountable to the mayor for its activities in the area of independent competence and delegated competence.
  • The Secretary of the City Council attends meetings of the City Council and the City Council with an advisory vote and the right to make motions

Mgr. Jaroslav Brandejs, MBA, LL.M.

Secretary of the Municipal Office of Říčany