Information about the project

Improving the quality of social and legal protection of children in Říčany

Fund: the OP LZZ – call no. C2
Programme: OP Human Resources and Employment
Year of submission: 2013
Grant processor: Ing. Z. Miltnerová (City of Říčany)
Physical launch: 2/2014
End of project: 6/2015
Total cost: CZK 3 538 457,78
Of which subsidy: CZK 3,538,457.78
note:* the project is not finished, the amounts are still subject to change

According to various criteria, there are supposed to be 800 children (aged 0-18 years) per employee of a social-legal protection body, while the OSPOD in Říčany is responsible for 13 772 children in the municipality with 7 employees. The number of social workers has thus far been severely undersized. Within the OP Human Resources and Employment, the city applied for a subsidy for a project to strengthen the institution’s agenda in the areas of personnel, technical and methodological. The social-legal protection body for children will be strengthened by three workers who will be trained in accredited courses by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education. And further training of the current staff of the Authority will be provided. Other material and technical equipment of the institution shall also be acquired.