Partner cities

The town of Říčany is part of a network of twin towns with other European cities. It is an alliance between people who live in cities, with the aim of strengthening cultural traditions, experiences and friendships.

The following cities are partner cities:

  • Albertslund in Denmark,
  • Borken in Germany,
  • Dainville, France,
  • Grabow in Germany,
  • Mölndal in Sweden,
  • Abatówek in Poland,
  • Whitstable in the UK.

The first partnership agreement was concluded in 1993 with the City of Albertslund. The last one was concluded in 2017 with the city of Borken. The town of Říčany is a very active member of this partner network, our students regularly participate in the Dragon Boat Races in Borken and there is also a long-standing successful cooperation within the art schools (ZUŠ) in the individual towns. In addition to cultural and sporting events, we also organise exchanges of municipal staff in the framework of mutual exchange of information and sharing of experience.

The last annual meeting of the twin towns took place on 24-26. November 2023 at our home in Říčany.