Welcome to a city full of culture

Říčany offers its inhabitants great cultural and social experiences throughout the year. Many of the events organised – whether by the town, other cultural institutions, associations and citizens – have become extremely popular over time and form an essential part of the Říčany calendar.

Říčany carnival

We are reviving old traditions and we are proud of it. We are very happy that every year we can prepare a classic carnival for the town’s inhabitants, with an interesting programme, traditional masks and traditional delicacies.

Říčany Town Ball

The annual Town Representation Ball offers local residents not only a rich cultural programme and raffle, but above all an evening of dancing. As we are a city that loves to dance, we don’t miss any opportunity to put on our dancing shoes and air our beautiful dresses and last but not least, enjoy a nice evening with friends. Come and enjoy a beautiful evening of dancing with us.

Spring Festival

Traditions are important to us and we try to bring them closer to people today. The May Festival is a showcase of traditional crafts. But as we love traditions, we also give opportunities to young people, and so it may happen that in cooperation we will be able to combine traditions with modern times.

Children’s Day

There is nothing more beautiful than the joy in a child’s eyes. That’s why every year we try to prepare a Children’s Day that is full of programmes, fun, but also educational. We work with various organisations across the city, including the integrated rescue system.

Summer cinema

How best to enjoy the right summer atmosphere? With a great movie and a good drink. Every year we prepare a summer cinema for all film enthusiasts, where they can enjoy both new releases and popular cult films.

March Jazz

Jazz week for all. Enjoy jazz to the fullest and get to know the various corners of Říčany. The week-long festival offers not only great artists, but also a different venue every day, so there is always something new to discover. And who knows where your jazz wanderings will take you.

Říčany festivities

The two-day festival is the highlight of the cultural season in Říčany. It’s a roundup of the best musical performers and entertainment. Various associations in Říčany also participate in the accompanying programme and we are just happy to see how many great people are involved in our cultural events. We are glad that the festival is a place where everyone can meet each other and strengthen neighbourly relations.

Advent Sundays and markets

Christmas is perhaps the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. That’s why we are happy to support the Christmas atmosphere with Advent markets, where the smell of mulled wine and various Christmas delicacies is wafting. The Christmas mood will also be conjured up by a programme featuring mainly children from our schools. But there is also another musical programme.

The Devil’s Paradise

Traditions are traditions. We are really fond of them and that is why every year devils and angels come to the square. There is a rich programme for children, a competition for the best mask and plenty of good food and drink for adults.

Christmas meeting

Stop by and enjoy the evening before Christmas Eve with us. Meet your friends and come and soak up the Christmas cheer. Let’s put our worries behind us, meet our neighbours and enjoy a pleasant evening full of a rich programme, mulled wine, traditional Christmas customs and scents. You can take not only Christmas cheer into your home, but also the light of Bethlehem.