ZUŠ Říčany

The Elementary Art School in Říčany is an important cultural and educational institution for children and young people in Říčany with a tradition of more than 70 years.

The ZUŠ was founded in Říčany in 1953. It is a contributory organization with the status of a legal entity since 1998, the founder is the Town of Říčany. The school has a capacity of 830 pupils and 60 qualified teachers.

Currently, our school is fully departmentalized, meaning that we offer instruction in all four disciplines – music, art, dance and literature and drama. We organize preparatory studies, basic studies I. and II. degree, study with extended hours and, exceptionally, adult study. So a really dedicated student can study in our school for up to 17 years.

After graduation, our graduates achieve the basics of artistic education in individual artistic disciplines, which is an important preparation for their further studies at conservatories, secondary or higher schools with pedagogical focus and schools with a humanities focus. That is why we also work very closely with distinguished musicians, artists, choreographers and acting stars who form an integral part of our teaching.

ZUŠ Říčany has no specific focus. Our goal is to provide the broadest possible education in the arts and the widest possible educational offer so that our pupils could find their space for artistic expression. We also place emphasis on general knowledge music theory, music history, visual, dance and literary-dramatic arts. Our goal is not to educate professional artists. Our graduate should be an artistically informed person who understands the importance of culture and is aware of the importance of art in the life of society, supports it and participates actively or passively in it.

We strive to make learning at our school inspiring, fun and intergenerational. Former graduates of our school bring their children to the ZUŠ Říčany.

You can find the elementary art school in Říčany very quickly on the picturesque Masaryk Square. All day long, from morning to evening, the square is filled with the sounds of various musical instruments and the school building is always bustling with activity. In the mornings, our seniors who attend classes Art Academy III. age. After lunch, our youngest musicians, who come to lessons from all the elementary schools in Říčany, perform and in the late evening you can hear the ensembles and orchestras of the school, which have their regular rehearsals, playing from the hall at the Old Town Hall. In addition to the main building, you will also find us in 1. Primary school on Masaryk Square. The art, dance and literature and drama department is located next to the primary school in Pod školou Street, where we have a studio and a dance studio. You can’t miss us – art education has completely taken over the square in Říčany.

And that’s not all, we create art not only in Říčany, but also in the surrounding area. You can also find our lessons at our branches in Strančice, Mnichovice or Mukařov.

Music Branch

In the music department we offer lessons on all instruments except accordion, melodic percussion and dulcimer. The study includes, of course, theoretical training, musicology and music history. Learning chamber music and playing in ensembles and orchestras is a matter of course. We do not forget about attending concerts and cultural events.

Fine Arts

In the art field, we emphasize not only the practical part of teaching – painting, drawing, working with pencil, charcoal or red, ink, dry and greasy pastel, or tempera and oil paints, but also more complex art techniques, such as graphics. Pupils are encouraged to consciously use the basic expressive means of surface design and spatial design to represent their ideas. Our pupils have an overview of the most important art monuments in the area and are regular visitors to exhibitions and galleries. They create spatial objects, they can create an installation and consciously use and understand the basic means of expression of visual art.

Literary and Dramatic Branch

Teaching in the literary-dramatic field offers children experience in the use of the means and techniques of the dramatic arts. Its aim is not only aesthetic cultivation and the acquisition of theatre skills, but also the development of personality and social competences. The curriculum includes drama and verbal arts, recitation and movement. A very popular activity is the work of children in an ensemble. There is also work with literature, literary creation and work with text. The course also includes visits to theatres, workshops and other cultural activities.

Dance branch

In the dance department we offer two specializations – stage dance and classical dance (ballet). Our young dancers gain movement discipline, endurance and willpower, and learn to work in a group where they establish and deepen their relationships with each other. They learn to work with an imaginary picture, to react to the music and its moods with movement. Students are encouraged to improvise dances based on the skills they have learned and participate in the creation of choreographies.

Come on in. We look forward to seeing you!

For more information about ZUŠ Říčany, please visit www.zusricany.cz