Department of Social Affairs and Health

Head of the Department of Social Affairs and Health


Office hours

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The department deals with the following agendas:

  • performance of social-legal protection of children
  • the agenda of the children and youth probation officer
  • foster care agenda – foster care, adoption
  • imposing educational measures within the framework of social and legal protection of children
  • making applications to the court concerning minor children
  • acting as a guardian ad litem in court hearings concerning minor children
  • counselling activities for families with minor children, field social work, cooperation with courts, doctors, law enforcement agencies, non-governmental organisations
  • adult curatorial agenda
  • counselling for people in difficult life situations
  • counselling for the elderly
  • counselling for carers
  • counselling for people with disabilities

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From 1. 1. 2012, the Department of Social Affairs and Health pays NO social benefits. This agenda has been transferred to the Labour Office Prague-East, contact office Komenského náměstí 1850, Říčany – see website:

Information for parents:

Social-legal protection of children is ensured throughout the entire territory of the administrative district of the municipality with extended competence of Říčany. It is provided by nine field social workers, one curator for children and youth and two social workers dealing with foster family care. Each worker (key worker) has an assigned district. Information about the key worker can be obtained by calling. at 323 618 241.

The division of individual districts is posted on the orientation board located in the common areas of the Department of Social Affairs and Health of the Municipal Office of Říčany (OSVZ), Komenského nám. 1850, Říčany. In the event of absence, the staff shall stand in for each other.

Information for children:

You have the right to contact the OSPOD without your parents being present.

We can help you:

  • if you have any problems at school (grades, disagreements in class, bullying, …),
  • when your parents are fighting or divorcing and you don’t know what to do,
  • when you have problems at home (no facilities, not enough food, heat, …)
  • when you are being inappropriately punished at home or by your surroundings, someone is mistreating you,
  • when you don’t get along with someone in your family and you run away from home,
  • when you’re using drugs, alcohol and you’d like to stop, etc.

Information about OSPOD Říčany – for children.pdf

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