Symbols of the city

Emblem of the town of Říčany

The municipal coat of arms of Říčany is derived from the historical coat of arms granted by the coat of arms of Emperor Maximilian II. in 1575. It consists of a silver block gate with two towers, a golden raised grille and five shadows in a blue shield. The towers have red conical roofs with golden poppies. Between the towers a black and silver diamond-shaped label of the Smiřický family.

The derived flag is composed of two equally wide stripes, white at the top and blue at the bottom. In the upper left corner, a black and white diamond-shaped square is inserted to the height of the white stripe.

Municipalities and organisational units and legal entities established or founded by them may use the municipal emblem and flag. Other entities may use the municipality’s emblem only with its consent. The use of the emblem is approved by the Říčany Town Council.

Use of the town emblem according to § 34a of Act No. 128/2000 Coll., on Municipalities

Logo of the town of Říčany

The city logo was created in 2013 as part of an open competition. The author is studio 2OOM, Pardubice. The logotype is made of a circle, in which the font Ř is inserted. The hook is expanded into a filled triangle which breaks the basic circle from above. The symbolism of this shape refers to the water lily leaf, and thus the original emblem of the Lords of Říčany (a trio of silver water lily leaves on a red background).

The basic colour scheme is green, symbolizing the surrounding countryside in which Říčany is situated, and blue, referring to the six Říčany ponds.

The use of the Říčany town logo is only possible with permission.