Department of Spatial Planning and Regional Development

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In general, the Department deals with this agenda:

  • preparation of land use plans, regulatory plans and land use studies for the town of Říčany and for municipalities in the administrative district of the Municipal District of Říčany
  • Preparation of territorial analytical documents for the administrative district of ORP Říčany
  • preparation of summary opinions of the city for planning and construction proceedings
  • state conservation
  • application of the document Principles for construction in the town of Říčany
  • Issuing binding opinions of the planning authority


For the town of Říčany (k.ú. Jažlovice, Kuří u Říčany, Pacov u Říčany, Říčany u Prahy, Říčany-Radošovice, Strašín u Říčany, Voděrádky)

Preparation of UAP for SO ORP Říčany

Consultations: Monday and Wednesday 8:30-12 and 12:30-16 for the villages of Kunice (Dolní Lomnice, Kunice u Říčan, Všešímy), Kozojedy, Modletice, Nupaki, Oplany, Strančice (Otice u Svojšovic, Předboř u Prahy, Strančice, Svojšovice, Všechromy), Sulice

(Phone consultations outside office hours 8:30-14:00)

For the villages Čestlice, Kaliště (Kaliště u Ondřejova, Lendsedly), Kamenice (Ládví, Štiřín, Těptín), Křížkový Újezdec (Čenětice, Křížkový Újezdec), Mirošovice, Mnichovice (Mnichovice, Božkov, Myšlín), Sluštice, Svojetice, Tehovec, Vlkančice, Všestary, Zvánovice

For the villages of Černé Voděrady, Doubek, Hrusice, Klokočná, Konojedy, Kostelec nad Černými Lesy (Kostelec n.Č.L, Svatbín), Mukařov (Mukařov, Srbín, Žernovka), Nučice, Oleška (Brník, Krymlov, Oleška), Ondřejov (Ondřejov, Třemblat, Turkovice u Ondřejova), Popovičky (Chomutovice u Dobřejovic, Popovičky), Prusice, Struhařov, Velké Popovice (Lojovice, Mokřany, Velké Popovice), Výerki

Consultations: Monday and Wednesday 7:00-12:00 and 12:30-16:00 for the villages of Březí, Stříbrná Skalice (Hradec u Stříbrná Skalice, Hradové Střímelice, Kostelní Střímelice, Stříbrná Skalice), Tehov, Vyžlovka

Babice, Dobřejovice, Herink, Jevany, Kostelec u Křížků, Křenice, Louňovice, Pětihosty, Petříkov (Petříkov u Velkých Popovic, Radimovice u Velkých Popovic), Radějovice (Olešky, Radějovice), Senohraby, Světice, Štíhlice

Monday 14:00 – 18:00, Wednesday 9:00 – 13:00

News of the Department

From 1. 1. 2018 the Department of Spatial Planning and Regional Development issues binding opinions pursuant to §96b of Act No. 183/2006 Coll. as amended (Building Act).

According to § 96b SZ, a binding opinion shall not be issued for building plans in the built-up area or buildable area referred to in § 103 par. 1. SZ.

Please submit documentation electronically if possible.

Due to the increasingly tense situation in the issuance of binding opinions of the planning authority, we would like to ask clients to pay sufficient attention to the quality of project documentation when submitting applications, as this is not always the case. We would like to speed up the process for you, and this requires mutual cooperation.

We therefore appeal to clients requesting the opinion of the planning authority to observe the following guidelines in order to expedite the processing of this agenda:

  1. Please submit applications properly completed, containing all the necessary information.
  2. Please supply project documentation of the appropriate scope and quality. For the assessment of compliance with the zoning plan we need a clear situational drawing (location of the buildings on the plot, number and area of the plot, networks, connections…), views or clear sections for the assessment of compliance with the height of the building and the relevant part of the summary report, which contains an explicit assessment of the compliance of the project with the zoning documentation. Thus, calculation of the built-up area, green area, etc. – so that these numbers can be verified from the attached drawing, as well as data on the technical infrastructure solution and other necessary data, which are mentioned in the given zoning/regulation plan. We do not need detailed technical solutions of the construction, etc.
  3. It is advisable to include an explicit statement in the documentation about its compliance with the Planning Act and to document this.
  4. Please do not forget to mention the plot number and the name of the cadastral area.
  5. To assess compliance with the UDP, please refer to the relevant spatial planning documentation of the given municipality – it is located either on the website of the town of Říčany, in the case of older UDPs on the website of the municipality or on the website of the municipality. on the website of the regional office. It is also possible to visit the documentation at the local office of the Planning Office, Komenského náměstí 1619. We assume that each designer works and monitors compliance with the relevant planning documentation when designing and preparing the PD of the project. This is what we are asking the designers to do.
  6. Please apply in good time, well in advance.

Submission of applications and annexes of appropriate quality will help to speed up the processing of the agenda. At present, at least half of the applications and attachments are incomplete, which requires unnecessary time burden on the Department’s staff and thus increases the processing time.

Ing. Čestmíra Št’astná, Head of the Department of Planning and Development

Binding opinions of the planning authority

On 1 September 2018, Act 169/2018 Coll. came into force, which amended Act 416/2009 Coll., on accelerating the construction of transport, water, energy and electronic communications infrastructure, as amended, and other related acts – including the Construction Act – binding opinions of the Planning Authority.

Legislative framework

Act No. 183/2006 Coll., on Spatial Planning and Building Code (Building Act), as amended by Act No. 68/2007 Coll., Act No. 191/2008 Coll., Act No. 223/2009 Coll., Act No. 227/2009 Coll., Act No. 281/2009 Coll., Act No. 345/2009 Coll., Act No. 379/2009 Coll., Act No. 424/2010 Coll., Act No. 420/2011 Coll., Act No. 142/2012 Coll., Act No. 167/2012 Coll., Act No. 350/2012 Coll, Act No. 257/2013, Act No. 39/2015, Act No. 91/2016, Act No. 264/2016, Act No. 298/2016, Act No. 183/2017, Act No. 193/2017, Act No. 194/2017, Act No. 205/2017, Act No. 225/2017, Act No. 169/2018, Act No. 277/2019, Act No. 312/2019, Act No. 47/2020 and Act No. 403/2020.