Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic – Territorial Department Kolín – station Říčany

  • The Fire Brigade was established under Act No. 320/2015 Coll. on the Fire Brigade as amended. Station commander: npor. Ing. Roman Hejzlar
  • Its primary mission is to protect the lives and health of people and property from fires and to provide effective assistance in emergencies.
  • It performs tasks to the extent and under the conditions set out in other legal regulations:
    Act No. 240/2000 Coll., on Crisis Management and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Crisis Act).
    Act No. 239/2000 Coll., on the Integrated Rescue System and on Amendments to Certain Acts.
    Act No. 133/1985 Coll., on fire protection, as amended.
  • The Říčany station in its administrative district respects the boundaries of the administrative district of the town of Říčany and the firefighting district is determined by the arrival times to emergencies. If you report a fire, traffic accident or other emergency from any telephone in the Czech network, call 150 or 112.

Volunteer fire brigade unit of Říčany

  • The unit of the Volunteer Fire Brigade was established by the town of Říčany in December 2001 according to Act No. 133/1985 Coll. on fire protection. The tasks of the unit are set out in detail in the Fire Protection Act 133/1985 Coll. and in Decree No. 247/2001 Coll. All equipment and material means of fire protection are the property of the founder, i.e. the town of Říčany.
  • The unit of the Říčany Volunteer Fire Brigade is classified as a category III/I fire protection unit, which means that it must leave within ten minutes of the alarm being declared in a minimum number of 4 persons. This is done by the Fireport call device, which sends out an SMS to all members about the alarm and details of the event. The alarm is announced by the regional operations and information centre of the Central Bohemia Fire Brigade, called the. KOPIS. The unit intervenes not only in the territory of the town of Říčany, but also in the surrounding area. In addition to fires, they also go out to remove obstacles from roads, pump water, dispose of dangerous insects, traffic accidents, oil spills and other emergencies.
  • Mr. Zdeněk KAVKA was entrusted with the command of this unit by the mayor of the town. The unit currently has 22 members, who are divided according to their individual specialisations. The firefighters’ facilities are currently provided by the “Na Fabiáně” complex in Březinova Street. The unit is equipped with a total of 6 response vehicles, including three tankers, a transport vehicle, a container vehicle and a command vehicle. It is a tanker truck (CAS) on a Scania P440 chassis. The vehicle was acquired in 2020 and is a large capacity tanker with a tank capacity of 8500 litres of water and 510 litres of foam production foam. Up to 6 firefighters can be transported to the scene, along with other material resources. These include firefighters’ breathing equipment, pumps, power generators, means for securing oil products, ladders, chainsaws, medical equipment for providing specialist pre-medical treatment, etc. The remaining two tankers are on a Tatra 815 chassis with a tank capacity of 8200 litres of water and 800 litres of foam and are designed for transporting four firefighters. These vehicles are also equipped with similar equipment. For the transport of firefighters to the intervention site or material resources, it also uses a Ford Transit transport vehicle designed for 9 people. It can also be used in case of necessary evacuation of residents. The unit also has an Iveco Eurocargo container truck which carries a container for transporting a skid loader, a catering container, a flood protection container and a debris container. The Dacia Duster command car, which the firefighters acquired by transfer from the municipal police, is also used to transport the motorboat. There is also a skid steer loader to help with disposal after high winds or floods. Each firefighter is equipped with appropriate personal protective and work equipment.
  • The unit meets regularly every Friday from 17:00. meets and participates in training, training and maintenance of equipment and other fire protection means in the fire station. Details can be found on the website
  • If you report a fire, traffic accident or other emergency from any telephone in the Czech network, call 150 or 112.