Mayor of the city

Ing. David Michalička /Calm City/, he is serving as a vacant councillor.

The City Council has determined that the Mayor is the guarantor over the tasks in the area:

The city’s strategy area focusing on:

  • Determining the city’s development strategy
  • determination of the city’s strategy for the disposal of city property

The area of territorial development with a focus on:

  • fundamental issues of spatial planning, creation and implementation of strategic, spatial development and urban planning programmes of the city – as an authorised representative
  • negotiation of planning and investment development plans with other municipalities
  • Ensuring the city’s obligations in its independent competence in assessing the environmental impacts of land-use planning, including ensuring the city’s policy on forestry and water management
  • drafting of statements, opinions and other procedural actions of the city on major issues of land use planning and construction procedures

The financial, investment and subsidy policy of the city with a focus on:

  • drafting of the budgets and management accounts
  • monitoring of measures to ensure budgetary balance during the year
  • contact with financial institutions in the implementation of the financial management of the city
  • preparation of the city’s budget and investment outlook and investment plans
  • proposals for financing the city’s investment projects
  • coordination of the drawing of funds from regional, state and European sources
  • project management of major projects and investments of the city
  • management of specific investment projects of the city

The area of urban and building development with a focus on:

  • coordination in obtaining permits for city investments
  • communication with builders in the preparation of planning or similar agreements
  • preparation of participatory spatial planning projects and territorial strategies

The transport sector with a focus on:

  • coordination of key transport structures in the city’s cadastre
  • administration and maintenance of roads owned by the city
  • preparation of traffic measures in the city
  • promoting and developing sustainable mobility in the city

External relations with a focus on:

  • media policy of the town, coordination of mass communication outputs towards the media and the Říčany Courier, communication of the town authorities and the town council with the citizens and residents of the town and ensuring transparency, clarity, fluency and reciprocity of this communication

Justice, security and crisis management, with a focus on:

  • managing the activities of the municipal police and the crisis management unit
  • relations of the city with the courts, prosecutors and state security forces
  • communication with the Fire Brigade
  • communication and preparation of projects aimed at improving safety

The funeral sector

Ing. David Michalička

Ing. David Michalička

Quiet town

Mayor – vacant


Scope of activity: The mayor represents the city externally. Actions that require the approval of the City Council or the City Council, as the case may be, may be taken by the Mayor only after prior approval by these bodies.
He is accountable to the City Council for the performance of his duties. The mayor appoints and dismisses, with the approval of the regional authority, the secretary of the municipal authority and fixes his salary according to special regulations.

Unless otherwise determined by the City Council, the Mayor shall:

  • is responsible for the timely ordering of the City’s financial review for the past calendar year,
  • may, after consultation with the regional authority, entrust the commission with the exercise of delegated powers in certain matters,
  • may require the Police of the Czech Republic to cooperate in securing local public order matters,
  • is responsible for informing the public about the City’s activities,
  • performs other tasks stipulated by the Municipalities Act and special laws.