City buses and school lines

In connection with the repair of the sewer line in Smiřických Street and the closure of this road 18. to 21. 3. 2024, it is necessary to introduce detour routes for public transport lines 2, 3 and 7, as well as PID line 435. School lines are unchanged. The works will take place near the railway bridge, so the access to the hospital from Černokostelecká will remain unrestricted.

  • In the new timetables valid from 10. 12. 2023 to 7. 12. 2024 is a novelty that two lines will run on Saturdays. Line no. 8 to Kuří remains and the second bus will take you from Pastelkov to Jažlovice. Pay attention to the markings! From Pastelkov to the station, the bus will run as line no. 2 and from the railway station to Jažlovice as line no. 3.
  • Some stops have also been renamed. The reason is simplification according to transport standards. The initiative to change the names was submitted by ROPID and the Regional Authority of the Central Bohemia Region approved it. For example. At the former name K žel. St. (now Haškova) was the argument that the station was too far away to name the stop after him. The name U nemocnice (now Sokolovna) was too similar to the name Hospital.
  • ŘÍČANY WILL BE SERVED BY SIX BUSES FROM SEPTEMBER 2022. Thanks to the increase in the number of buses, we were able to reinforce all lines so that they run in the morning and afternoon in half-hourly intervals (this applies to the backbone lines 1, 2, 3, where a 30-minute interval was introduced at peak times and a 60-minute interval at off-peak times).
  • School Lines operate within the city bus transport in Říčany, which take children to schools in the morning. Only children can use the buses in this mode.
  • The city has been operating its own public transport since 2018. The whole concept was prepared and promoted by the Quiet City movement in cooperation with the Union for Sport and Health. According to a survey conducted in spring 2023, Říčany buses carry more than 11,000 passengers per week. “Free buses are already an interesting alternative to the private car for many people, just like shared bikes or demand-response transport. We are therefore negotiating with the carrier, among other things, about the delivery of new buses. We would like to offer Říčany residents a higher capacity and especially more comfort“, comments Mayor David Michalička (Klidné město) on the increased interest in public transport.

TIMETABLES VALID FROM 10. 12. 2023 TO 7. 12. 2024

You can track the current location of minibuses online on the web or in the mobile application Říčany v mobilu.

MAP of city lines only
MAP of city and PID lines
PID line diagram including public transport lines

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