Municipal Police Říčany

The Municipal Police of Říčany is located on Komenský náměstí in Říčany, on the left side of the main entrance to the Municipal Office. The Municipal Police office is marked with a lighted information board and is located in 1. floor of the building.

The municipal police has a total of 22 officers.

Officers carry out patrol and control activities, interventions and actions in the town of Říčany and its local districts – Radošovice, Jažlovice, Kuří, Pacov, Strašín, Voděrádky.

Comments and suggestions for the work of the Municipal Police of Říčany can be anonymously submitted to the contact box located in front of the entrance to the building.

The Municipal Police of Říčany was established within the independent competence of the town of Říčany in 1995 and performs tasks in ensuring local public order, but also other tasks according to Act No. 553/1991 Coll., on Municipal Police.

Main tasks

  • contributes to the protection and safety of persons and property,
  • supervises compliance with the rules of civil coexistence,
  • supervises compliance with generally binding ordinances and regulations of the municipality,
  • participate in the supervision of the safety and continuity of traffic on roads to the extent provided for by this or a special law,
  • participates in the observance of legal regulations on the protection of public order and, within the scope of its duties and powers provided for by this or a special law, takes measures to restore it,
  • participates in the prevention of crime in the municipality,
  • supervises the public spaces in the municipality,
  • detects misdemeanours and other administrative offences, the handling of which is within the competence of the municipality,
  • The municipal police ensure the capture of free-roaming animals.

The municipal police use the city’s camera surveillance system, including the active work of officers in the field, to ensure these tasks.

Local competence of the municipal police